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Constipation Beware THAT TOO OFTEN.
We certainly often or have had difficulty defecating defecation. But we always consider this one a mild disease.
Symptoms of constipation:
- Difficult bowel movement less than 3 times a week.
- The area around the abdomen tense.
- Stomach feels bloated, full or fullness, and no appetite.
- Pain during defecation.
- the stool palpable abdominal wall pd.
- Kecepirit (soiling).
- feces / stool was hard and dry.
Constipation is a digestive disorder that occurs because of poor bowel muscle movement.
or Constipation Constipation is basically a difficulty to defecate (BAB). Normally frequency of bowel ideally 1-2 times / day. Thought not a serious disorder and who is not a disease, but if we let it continues to be a very serious. Start from medical disorders of bowel cancer, hormonal dysfunction, to heart disease and failed ginjal.The Trouble can also cause a range of chronic diseases. A little explain, difficulties within Chapter will usually cause a long time habit of straining during defecation, it is this which over time will be dilation of blood vessels in the anus which then would trigger the swelling, it will eventually bulge arising out of the anus or who is often called hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids), which if left unchecked will rupture and bleeding rectal pd.
Also dirt leftover food we eat every day will settle in the intestine that would be a toxic poison to our bodies, which will trigger a variety of cancer cells or commonly known carcinogens.
Constipation initiated from various causes, such as: Lack of fibrous foods, infant formula intake superfluous, drug toxicity (such as taking medication for Parkinson's disease, hypertension, heart disease and depression, also contain substances narcotics), metabolic abnormalities, age, pregnancy or interruption psikologis.Minus sports and sitting too long can also cause less productif colon.
In general, constipation can be overcome with correct lifestyle, eating and regular exercise, consumption of fibrous foods such as fruit papaya and vegetables, and regular bowel habit, and most important is who sleep enough and drink lots of water 6-8 cup/day.
If the advanced stages of constipation is not resolved using laxatives administered orally or inserted through the rectum to soften the stool. Today there are many OTC laxatives like Dulcolax Bisacodyl-containing materials. Dulcolax is a laxative BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM safe production according to the results of clinical research study.penelitian by KIENZLE-HORN S, Vix JM, Schuijt C, et al (2006), proving that Dulcolax effective and safe in improving the frequency of bowel without any side effects limb to the body.

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